20 dogs and 36 cats are in need of a new home!
Most of them are still in horrible condition and need to be relocated to a suitable place. Also money for food and medicine is needed.
Help us to help them.

20 dogs and 36 cats need your help

Already her entire life Anyta was helping animals on the street to survive. If she found them in bad condition, she would take them home and nurture them back to health.

After she stopped working as a dentist, Anyta took the brave decision to focus her entire time on helping those animals in need. She had found a yard, where she started building shelters, in order to accomodate those animals and other new ones she would find and take in. Some dogs and cats that needed more care than others or needed isolation to not infect the others, were devided into her and her friend Vivian´s home. But then she was forced to leave the yard with all the animals.

At this current moment, Anyta and Vivian take care of 20 dogs and 36 cats, that are divited into her own, Vivian´s and Anyta´s grandma´s house.

This housing situation is obviously not optimal. Diseases spread quicker on in a small and crowded space. More cleaning and disinfection supplies are needed, as is more medicine. Not to mention the steadily growing costs of food. Anyta´s only source of income for this project comes from donations of tourists and she and the animals really could use some additional help. Please support this project by donating and/or sharing.

Anyta and the animals need our help now more than ever!

We have initiated the set-up of an account with the money transfer company Sendvalue that ensures a quick and save transfer of money to Cuba. Once everything is processed, Anyta will receive a debit card she will be able to pay with and pick up cash with from the cash machine. We have already transferred her money from our own funds, but this is not sufficient to arrange a suitable space for each of the 20 dogs and 36 cats plus others that might join.

Our goal is to collect enough money to solve this miserable housing situation in the first place. But she could also use some help on the long run. It would be a big wish to being able to send her money on a regular basis, so that she can keep nurturing those animals in need and taking new ones in. We want to ensure she has enough funds to pay for the needed food and medicines. For this project, even a small donation has a big impact.

See some of the incredible work Anyta has done

We understand you´re curious... But we most warn you, some of the before/after pictures are nothing for easily upset stomachs of hardcore animal lovers.. You might shed a tear.. or 1937594650.

Some more impressions of the journey...

Of course we want to share some more pictures of the journey a dog or cat goes through once in Anyta´s the care. With little means Anyta creates a shelter for each new furry roomie and provides the necessary medical care.