If you've been to Cuba, you know the helpless heartache of seeing painfully thin and sick dogs and cats on the streets. And while Cuba is a highly educated, healthy and empathetic population, their lack of resources is a tremendous problem. How to spare food for animals, if there is not even enough for your family members?


The Cuban dentist Anyta used to have a yard to home animals she took into her care. But then she was forced to leave the space. She had taken 36 cats and 20 dogs in that were in a horrible condition to nurture them back to health. Now she was forced to leave this yard and remove the animals, who are now all devided into her own, her grandma´s and her friend Vivian´s house. Help is urgently needed to find a suitable new space to relocate those animals in need and ensure their care.


No matter where in the world you are... You too can help! We set up an account and are collecting donations to help Anyta find a new home for the 20 dogs and 36 cats and help more poor animals in the long run. With a donation - no matter how small - you can help us help Anyta and the dogs and cats of Trinidad.

Please help us to help!