20 dogs and 36 cats in horrible conditions need to be re-homed and taken care of. Others might join. Help with your donation.

We need your help!

So now that you have learned all about Anyta and this project, we would like to kindly ask you to leave a donation - no amount is too little. Also sharing this project is highly appreciated.

We have set up a donation campaign on GoGetFunding and guarantee you that every cent donated will reach Anyta to be used for her work with the animals in need.

With your help we can make a change!

The first major issue that will be taken care of with the help of your donation is the current housing situation. The backyard the cats and dogs were fostered in can no longer be used for their accomodation. Anyta was forced to devided all animals on three homes. A new place, where each cat and dog can be transferred to, needs to be found. Without any additional help this already is a tough task.

Construction of necessary amenities, like separate shelters, comes here hand in hand. The most important priority for Anyta, however, is to ensure all cats and dogs receive the food, medicine and treatment they need, so that they can fully recover. Even if this means taking them all into her own home. Her selflessness has changed so many animals´ lives already - let´s help her to continue.

Share the project and help!