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In a rapidly changing trade landscape, those who support businesses to trade need new ways of working, new skills and new partnerships. The international Trade Centre (iTC) is proud to support the process of continuous learning and change that is the hallmark of all successful organizations.
This guide supports the efforts of senior diplomats, trade commissioners, honorary consuls, trade attachés, staff of international and bilateral chambers, private sector delivery partners and anyone who wants to deliver strategic and operational excellence to businesses seeking success in foreign markets.

ITC’s first guide for trade representatives was issued in 1973 and updated in 2013. The guide remains a unique international reference, offering insight into the valuable role of national commercial diplomacy. Digital change, climate change, global trade and investment policy change continue to have a heavy influence on how companies navigate international markets, and how to best support them. This guide offers processes, tools and competencies to build knowledge and networks in markets abroad, and to deliver the opportunities for businesses to benefit from the forces of globalization.

Arancha González

Executive Director

International Trade Centre